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Float therapy is one of the most effective all-natural therapies available today, floating has been proven to help a wide variety of illness, and offer both physical and mental well-being to it’s practitioners. Our float tanks provide an environment free of gravity and distractions where you will likely experience the most complete relaxation you have ever felt.

Float therapy is an extremely powerful tool currently utilized to strengthen the immune system and improving health.

"A Revolutionary Tool for Pain Relief, Stress Reduction, 
Total Relaxation, and the Liberation of the Powers of the Mind and Body. "
- Michael Hutchison - Author - The Book of Floating "Exploring the Private Sea"

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Enhances Muscle
and Joint Performance

Float Therapy improves your blood circulation and the regeneration of muscle tissue that needs to occur after an intense workout. However, you can also use Float Therapy before your workouts in order to help your muscles and mind prepare for your training. In addition, floating can help to speed your recovery time when you are dealing with an injury. The relaxation caused by floating in the tank can help to take pressure off of the tired joints and muscles that might be causing you pain. Floating can also help your whole body to relax so that your muscles align properly, which can prevent future injuries.

Improves Mental Alertness and Clear The Mind

Float Therapy is great for people who need to get through a creativity block, clear their minds, recharge their batteries and improve their performance in the workplace. After a restful Float Therapy session you will be more focused, creative and productive. Floating in a float tank enhances higher learning and aids in visualization, just what you need before a big project or important presentation. In addition to improving your ability to learn, floating can enhance your ability to concentrate. If you’re struggling to focus on studying, take a break to visit Cocoon Float Spa. When you return to your studies, you’ll be better prepared to concentrate on your work.

Promotes General Well-Being

Float Therapy provides the most optimal environment for the mind to rest, resulting in total mental and physical calmness. Floating energizes and revitalizes the mind and body while at rest; an hour of floating has the restful effect of up to four hours of sleep. The production of endorphins and the removal of undesirable chemicals during floating, stimulates feelings of confidence, happiness and well-being, which helps you pursue your goals in life with maximum vitality and vigor.

Flotation Therapy, AKA Sensory Deprivation or Isolation Tanks & Therapeutic Massage in San Diego.
3969 4th Ave, Suite 201
San Diego, CA
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